Residential Electric


You build or modernize—We take care of your electrical connections, lay cables and install your electrical fixtures, switches and controllers in your home. Whether old construction or new, the maintenance of an existing electrical system or a sophisticated installation, we are your partner in all areas of residential electrical systems. Small or large repairs, or upgrades.  As a tenant, landlord or owner rest assured that your needs will be met by Volt and always under favorable conditions.



Illumination and reception systems including the installation of your communication electronics, maintenance of your electrical industrial equipment, security systems, and repairs are other areas of our expertise. Our performance in the industrial sector is proven over many years of experience with a good reputation for reliability and professionalism.



Your smart automation system for your home or business need no longer remain just an idea. We will develop a personalized plan and suggest how to model automation at your location. From the idea to the planning to the design and through the completion of your automation project, we serve you professionally and serve as your partner.  We function as your service provider with complete knowledge of modern technology, especially high-value products.