A Solar energy system  provides you with an opportunity to lower your energy costs significantly. An added benefit is a smaller carbon footprint that helps to reduce climate change. We provide the installation of high-quality solar cells, with which you get maximum performance in the uptake and storage of solar energy. We will advise you which solar installation is best for your building and your energy needs. We offer high-quality products that will light, heat and cool your home through the power of the sun.


Building Automation

Once you have entrusted us with your smart home or building automation sit back and relax. Whether automatic blinds or lighting on demand, the opening of your garage or controlling the indoor temperature from your smartphone rest assured that the job will be done right. Imagine controlling all that while on vacation. We are your partner for secure comfort with a modern automated system.


Climate Control

Don’t go without climate control from VOLT GmbH. In the summer, you can return after a long day back into a pleasantly cool house or you can easily avoid returning to a freezing home in winter. With modern climate control, we can integrate at your request directly to automation, so you are in complete control of your home’s climate from any place and at any time.